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Innovation processes at Bestnes Ltd.

Why innovation needed? Some people claiming it is bad, as it brings something new and unpredictable, another claiming that is good thins, as it brings productivity improvement and reduced costs.


To get idea about demand of innovation and processes within your company, you should realistically understand that in many cases innovation nowadays coming from big companies. Maybe they buy ideas from individuals, maybe processes, but not to many innovative ideas coming on market from individuals who in first place generate those ideas.


A lot of big companies investing money in research and development, trying to find something new in processes or something untouchable previously by no one in the world. It is not really strategy what brings innovation. Strategy lies underneath of those theories from books and stories for mass media. Big companies actually buying small ideas, knowledge, resources, innovative solutions and sell to the market as they own.


In 2016 many companies concentrate on the web-connected manufacturing methods, like remote management of resources or management of devices from internet prescribed programmes and so on. A lot of companies point on that trend as something new, something well defined for your company future. In many cases it is just undeveloped technological bubbles, what really do not reflect reality about future benefits. In majority of cases you buy future. In reality “nothing”, because same sort of solutions you can easily find on market more than 2 -3 times less in price.


Also I notice tendency of new product offer without any significant shift towards quality. I mean they offer to you product, claiming that it is latest innovative model or solution, but when you start using this service/product at some point you realise that: 1) It is not really innovation 2) Old technology has more in depth reliability and quality and 3) You should come back to old technological processes, otherwise you loose money. Before buying any types of solution, please consider first, risk of buying and second, “Are you really needed it right now?”

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