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Business consultant. How to be the guru.

Business Consultant, as the name implies - is a specialist giving competent and effective advice to entrepreneurs or companies on business issues. The main objective of a business consultant - to recognize the problem in business and suggest ways to overcome it successfully in the form of concrete solutions. 

After reviewing the state of affairs in the organization, an expert conducts a comprehensive analysis of the situation, ascertain the reasons for a particular problem, and is a set of recommendations for its solution. 

Sometimes a business consultant is directly involved in the implementation of the decisions he had proposed in order to clarify their effectiveness and adjust, if necessary, bringing the project to a successful conclusion.

As a rule, business consultants specialize in a particular direction and they are hired for a specific purpose, such as:

-company registration;

-marketing research;

-preparing a business plan;

-preparation of the investment project;

-certification of personnel;

-real estate appraisal;

-legal advice;

-perform the audit аnd much more.

Business Consultant is intended to improve the state of the business relations between the partners, to increase profits, optimize business processes. Business consultant can act as a specialist consulting company, either alone as an independent professional. But in the latter case, it should be a highly qualified specialist with extensive experience. Typically, independent business consultants providing services to small firms or on specific issues.

Business Consultant must have, first of all, higher economic or legal education. Preferred direction "Accounting and Auditing", "Crisis Management". In addition, the need for additional education in the field of marketing, management, and operational experience of at least 3 years in a particular industry in manufacturing, the service sector, or commerce on supervising posts.

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