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GE in Italy and its competitive advantage

The production in Italy has weaknesses and from other side, I would say, strengths for companies who can overcome this weaknesses, because difficulty creates advantage. It is widely used by monopolistic and oligopolistic companies as they spend hugely on the creation of barriers for small companies …

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Enterprise Data Management Solutions at Schneider Electric

Many companies offer enterprise management solutions, but lets discover, if it really needs for your company.


  • Cost


Try to guess how much it will cost you? A lot of companies offer nearly..i would say..”free”..and rip-off game after starts here. They start charging you for plan…

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ShoreBoX by Schneider points to consider

Before someone offering you to buy ShoreBoX by Schneider as solution it is important to understand, if it fit your requirements.


  • Voltage


The range of the voltage used on board usually can be between 380 and 6600


  • Frequency


Frequencies usually about 50-60 …

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Kone Lize Financial Business District building or 1+6 policy integration

Beijing is chosen as one of the core to fight competiveness. China is good in strategy selection, but slow in its implementation. In books back to year 2000 it is already was spoken about Lize Financial Business District, but it was only ideas suggested by the universities research studies.


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India Solar Energy

When we implement Solar Energy in India or other country, we have to consider many factors.



  • Energy can not be generated thru the night



In India best time to generate solar power is starting from middle of March until June. So it gives us only 4 month to generate. N…

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Gartner statics discovered by Bestnes Ltd

Back to the year 2015, there were 3 large so-called “research” companies: Gartner, Ovum and Forrester. You know what is interesting that those companies call themselves: - “Research Companies”. It is little bit strange, because if we look at they strategy in depth, they using strategies such as surv…

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Schneider Electric StruxureWare Data Center Operation v8.0

A lot of companies offer not reliable products, especially those types of companies who interested in sales, rather than proper service. Lets discuss about weaknesses of StruxureWare Data Center Operation v8.0



  • Ownership of the operations


Your business will be entirely 10…

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GE Oil and Gas Additive manufacturing

Why additive manufacturing go so popular? Its is bring benefits such as low skilled labour and economy in material and processes, but a lot of things still it cant replace. Let’s discover why old technologies are better than additive manufacturing.


  • High productive cost


In so…

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IoS Systems compared to Schneider

Many big companies offer IoS systems at high cost. It is good to know that a lot of small companies can offer even better services, more reliable and more competitive, at lower cost. Here are few examples should be considered as substitutes or better service providers.



  • Amazon Web S…

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Ingenuity for life or Siemens way strategy in Egypt

As far (26/05/2016) Siemens finish only one project from few planned one. I think long term strategy should cover more than 2 future projects, because of speed in developing these projects. First project took about 6 month faster than other project development in past. Where are tricks? Let’s discov…

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Bosch Innovation Software.

When Bosch introduces RaceCload software it was little bit surprising. That type of applications rarely used by wide audience, only for specific purpose. In our case it is for racing industry. Bosch claiming that it will be good for monitoring “nearly” real-time information about events inside of ra…

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Business Alliances or partnerships

Alliances in many cases bring benefits only for companies who dictate they services or products. In many cases we can just see not equal treatment to other parties from the leading party. The main strategy could be better, if:



  • Control issues


If you just started alliance …

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ABB and Gotthard Base Tunnel

In 1996 Gotthard Base Tunne construction was started.  Government planned at that time to fully-finish tunnel in December 2016. At the moment ABB announce that it will be open in June 2016. Why government allow to open tunnel before December 2016? They promise to test tunnel safety and overall condi…

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Nidec and E.C.E. S.r.l.

When one company acquire another company, it usually indicate that something wrong with company who buys, because as statistics shows 90% of the deals fail in profit within 3 years. Lets investigate in depth why it usually happens, because other ways we will not get answer (I mean clear answer) from…

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“Double-Decker” bid for Alstom (UK Contract Bid)

Why Alstom going to bid for double-decker trains? Why they want to win this bid? Lets look in depth on they strategy.


  • Single deck versus double deck


Single deck usually carries more passages, it also much faster in speed, and people move faster in-out of train for single deck,…

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IBM Watson for KONE

Latest technologies. Latest trends. It is all exiting, until certain point. Why KONE implementing this system? Will it integrate?


  • Language barriers


In order to be implemented correctly, it should be translated from original language (English) to other languages where it will b…

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Micro Data Centres and Monopoly

When someone offer to you that type of solutions, such as micro data centre, it is easy to be convinced by the offer, because it is new technology and not to many know that monopolistic companies (or companies who want to dominate market) want to take control of other company resources in order to p…

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Wireless technology in LV/MV Infrastructure

The biggest concern when someone offering to me wireless technologies is reliability. When we make decision to implement or upgrade LV/MV infrastructure, we should be ready to answer following question.


  1. How private information is stored, protected and transmitted.


There are a …

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Female leaders

Many companies talk about supporting female leaders. In some countries it is unlawful when someone discriminates between woman and man, but in some countries it is natural process of westernisation. Do we really need it?


What do we mean actually by the term “Supporting Female Leaders”? Do w…

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5 Innovation Principles of Schneider or Road to Nowhere

Some big companies promise a lot to customer. Actually, they more promise than do. When you buy product it is more inspiration rather than 100% effective and fully functional product.


Let’s look on one electrical engineering Company, who promise 5 innovative principles to the customer. I fo…

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