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I am contractor. I have in-depth Panel Wiring and Quality Engineering experience (10+ years). At the moment I am open for the new positions. Feel free to contact me. Thank you for the reading. Konstantin.


Panel Wirer/Quality Engineer and Business Consultant (Bestnes Ltd)


  • Quality Improvement Strategies In Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Innovative Strategies in Engineering




Key Skills


Quality Consulting and Strategy (Control Panels)

Quality Standards

Business Strategy (Engineering)






Lean Six Sigma Black Belt                                                                   August 2016 – on going


Business Consulting (Diploma) Oxford learning College                September 2015-May 2016



Business Studies (B. A. Hons.) Grade 2:1, Derby University          September 2008-June 2011

Administration, Global strategic management, IT, Finance, Marketing


IT System Support, Leeds College of Technology                            September 2007-June 2008

Database programming, network programming.


Kehra High School, Estonia                                                                 September 1997-June 2000

Exams: IT, Math, Russian, Estonian, English


Kehra School, Estonia                                                                          September 1988-June 1997

Exams: Russian, Estonian, Maths, Geography, Literacy







Production Technician                                              December 2016 - January 2017

-Developing lean design for wiring

-Lean Six Sigma strategy implementation


Don Controls

Panel Wirer/ New Product Wiring                             May 2016 – November 2016

  • Wiring complex panels
  • Fault finding in diagrams and suggested improvements
  • Building panels from scratch (*in depth experience)






Schneider Electric                                                               March 2016 – May 2016

Quality engineer


At that contract I’ve been dealing with quality improvement strategies. Every week I produce report where has been discussed about suggestion of future strategy in Quality Improvement connected to Schneider overall strategy. Within 2 month contract we with Schneider improved Quality Issues with WPD and NIEC (customers) by 30% in Quality. I can provide 2 reports on demand, as example of my work plus references.



Don Controls                                                                       March 2016  (2 weeks)

Panel Wirer/Quality Engineer


With Richard (shared ownership) , owner of this company we know each other for few years. I come back for him to develop Quality performance strategy in area of panel building (control panel). I am personally think that I improved his production efficiency by 20%, and at the moment he got additional contracts winning Carnaud Metalbox order bid (not in full, but partly) and doing well, because his business growing.




Carnaud Metalbox Engineering

Panel Wirer/Mechanical Engineer                                   May 2015 – December 2015



 With Andy (director of the company) we work for 7 month. I did control panels and connected them to the can-making machines. After that I testing, inspecting them and suggest quality improvement strategies. We provide a lot of improvement strategies for Crown (company who demand this product) and also working on technical aspects of the control-panel design, using lean-manufacturing techniques.




Don Controls                                                                                       September 2014 – March 2015

Panel Wirer


  • Understanding the specifications and requirements of the panel design
  • Building electrical control panels working from technical designs and schematics (wiring diagrams)
  • Testing and inspection of built control panel


Schneider Electric, Leeds                                                                      April 2014 – September 2014  

Quality engineer


  • Working mainly with Low or Medium High voltage switches (RN2C or RN6)
  • Working with diagrams and schematics, according ISO 9001 requirements
  • Inspecting hardware after assembly
  • Filling in documentations
  • Fixing faults
  • Testing installations and systems, and analyzing data
  • Using IT for analyzing, interpreting and entering data


Radio Design, Leeds                                                                            January 2014 – February 2014

Quality Engineer

  • Experience using circuit board repair tools including soldering station, multi-meter, oscilloscope, Logic probe, SMT
  • Troubleshooting Diagnostics
  • Knowledge of circuit board components and their functions including; resistors, diodes, capacitor, microprocessors, memory chips, etc.


Schneider Electric, Leeds                                                                      April 2013 – December 2013  

Quality engineer




Farnell LTD, Leeds                                                                               January 2013 – February 2013

Quality Engineer

  • Carried and transported orders to shipping locations or delivery platforms with materials handling equipment, ensured orders are staged in array of delivery.
  • Assisted in maintaining the security and protection of the merchandise in warehouse


Schneider Electric, Leeds                                                                   May 2012 – December 2012  

Quality engineer



Monik Company, Estonia                                                                    September 2011- April 2012

Manager Assistant

  • Recruiting, developing and retaining staff
  • Dealing with enquiries and complaints
  • Helping organize promotions, serving customers
  • Effective store merchandising




2008-2011-Study (Please see reference on first page)




Softronik (Leeds)                                                                                 October 2007 – July 2008



  • Assembling electronic components
  • Soldering
  • Wire crimping




Siemens (West Yorkshire)                                                                 October 2006 – September 2007

Panel wirer


  • Basic wiring
  • Assembling and installing PLC components




Schneider Electric(Leeds)                                                                  November 2004 – September 2006

Panel Wirer


  • Crimping wires
  • Assembly basic components







Fluent in the following languages: English, Russian.




References available on request


It is small story about my past experience. By the way...I like other people stories too.